Woyt deck is worlds first fully functional metal deck.

It has unique flex characteristics which allow to absorb all the road bumps more efficient than a conventional deck and make a smoothest ride.


Length: 820 mm
Width: 200 mm
Weight (deck only): 1.4 kg

Maximum load: 250 kg


Deck: 139$


Complete: 239.9$

international delivery: 30$

Please note, that international prices depend on exchange rate and may vary. Prices can be specify by woyt@woyt.ru and WhatsApp +79265939864


AWJ technology is widely used in aerospace industry, due to its ability to machine strengthened alloys.


Aluminium-magnesium alloy is widespread in aerospace and high technology industry.


An isogrid is extremely light and stiff type of partially hollowed-out structure formed from a single metal plate.

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